RALA is an award winner architects in London.
We offer a full range of Architectural Services from conception to completion. We can fulfil the roles of Architect & Lead Consultant, Design & Build Delivery Architect, Interior Designer and Planning Consultant. In outline, our process is as follows:

Architect in London

Brief Preparation

Identify opportunites, constraints, and staturoy hurdles.
Plan timescales, sequence, and finances.
Allocate responsibilities, goals, and expertise.


Architectural Concept Design

Architectural Concept Design

Architectural Concept Design

Test ideas for site placement, scale & massing, and spatial sequence.
Research physical,topographical, historical, and environmental context.
Evaluate design options relative to client feedback, planning legislation, and budgetary requirements.



Developed Designs

Prepare detailed plan layouts, external elevations, interior design, and Planning Applications,
Outline construction typology, materiality, and environmental strategies.02-cropped


Technical Design

Technical design, we produce detailed drawings and specifications prescribing the construction of the entire building.
Liaise with staturoy authoritis, design team consultants, and tendering contractors.
Coordiante structural, mechanical, and electric design seamlessly into the architecture.

Technical Design

Technical Design




Monitor the construction process from mobilisation to completion.
Ensure compliance with the drawings & specifications, statutory regulations, and programme.
Support the construction process with further technical drawings and guidance.




Schedule finishing touches, occupancy documentation, and ‘as-built’ drawings.



Post Occupation

Review performance of the design, materials, and relevant mechanical & electrical systems.
Advise on future development.



For a detailed breakdown of Architectural Services, please refer to the RIBA Plan of work.